But we both had mutual friends who were gays too

It was like all my world vanishing into sorrow and pain. I pulled back because I was too shy and put my boxers back on. Replies to my comment. This was probably the most torturous time in my life sexually that I ever experienced.

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I don't think it would hurt the friendship to at least bring it up. However, it could be that you are bi; you should try and analyze your feelings for her and figure out if they are a true attraction. But tonight she made a reference about how we can be like romantic couples in movies, so now I can't stop thinking.

I wouldn't ask anyone to pick out an orientation. If she asks "which one am I? It is unfortunate when something like this happens, because there is usually no way for the person with the crush to win in this situation.

But we both had mutual friends who were gays too
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